Skinz Series - INVADER™ V3 VML Disks

Skinz Series - INVADER™ V3 VML Disks
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These disks are for use with the INVADERV3 series only. They cover the full span of a 12" diameter playing surface, maximizing volume and articulation possible across the entire pad.

The vinyl upper layer is laser-scored with a center circle, both for visual stroke accuracy and to allow eventual replacement after significant wear (1 additional replacement dot is included).

Our INVADER Vinyl Mylar Laminate (VML™) products are now being manufactured without adhesive backing.  

DarkMatter™, when well cleaned and back to its original state, is able to grip the VML™ as if it had adhesive.  This new variation is much more easily removed and replaced when desired, which is perfect for modifying and/or extending the life of your pad. 

*Visit our website under "FAQ's" for more information about application and cleaning of your pad.

Currently available in 4 colors:

• Black

• Gunmetal

• Blue Chameleon and 3D Blue

Standard USPS shipping (aka snail mail stamped envelope) included with purchase for the domestic USA ONLY.

Please allow 5-7 business days.

International customers: please contact shipping@offworldpercussion for a shipping quote

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